broken numbers

by Kanal Drei



“Repetition does not really exist.” - Brian Eno

“broken numbers” is a celebretion of the perfect loop, an ode to monotony and pure musical hypnosis. It is minimal, dubby, tribal techno, music for electronic ritual dances or just an invitation to put on your headphones, sit down comfortably and let your mind drift away.
It started out as an experiment with different rhythmic schemes and relations of different tempi within the same track. I started out with 120bpm on one drum track, let the second drum track play at 90bpm and then added a third drum track with e.g. 25bpm. What happened is that the relations within the tracks shifted, the sounds drifted apart, met again and so on. As a result of this first stage i had 10 tracks of 8 minutes length.
In the second stage i created crossfaded mixes of these 10 tracks. One of those was recorded at 30bpm speed, the other at 60 bpm (a quarter and a half of the original first stage speed). Both were around 2 hours 15 minutes long (despite the different replay speed and achieved through different crossfade times).
I reimported the mixes to Bitwig, each in the tempo in which they were recorded, set the overall tempo to 120bpm and started to build around these 2 tracks. The result is a techno track/mix/set of 2 hours and 16 minutes length…

“Repetition does not really exist.” - Brian Eno


released June 5, 2015

All music written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Kanal Drei at lofreqlab, Bremen, Germany.
Distributed with support by Romeda Records.
Cat.No.: RMD1



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